How To Data Recovery Lost Data In Your Web Browser

I think this kind of thing happens to everyone: you spend time working on a blogging tool or some other Data Recovery browser-based form, and suddenly things go wrong. Your browser crashes, the server times out, your internet connection goes down, and your boom: all your hard work is gone.

In my case, I was lucky: I had Lazarus installed. Available for Chrome and Firefox, this browser add-on lives up to its name by bringing back lost Data Recovery.

Lazarus automatically (and securely, with a password if you prefer) logs every keystroke on a website form, blog tool, comment box, etc.

To retrieve your Twitter data, look for the small Lazarus symbol in the upper right corner of the field or box you enter. Click on it, then choose text you want to recover. Presto! He reappears as if by magic.

I’ve written about this little miracle worker before, and I’m sure I will again, because it’s saved my bacon more times than I can count – including this one. I consider it an essential tool for Chrome and Firefox users.