Data Recovery Services From Damaged CDs Or DVDs

Optical discs are neither indestructible nor eternal. With Unstoppable Copier utility we will be able to Data Recovery Services files on degraded media. The utility is free. It is available in installable and portable versions. 

Its interface is available in French and it is compatible with all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 8. A version for Linux also exists. Wear, sector problems…, writable and rewritable CDs and DVDs sometimes have unpleasant surprises in store. 

In fact, we are very far from the advertising promises highlighting an unlimited lifespan for these media. After a few years, the Data Recovery Services recorded on CDs or DVDs becomes almost unreadable. To prolong their life, protect them from light and store them in a hard case. 

If, despite everything, you no longer access the Data Recovery Services they contain, submit them to Unstoppable Copier software . It will group the pieces of files to reassemble them on the hard drive.

Launch the software and insert the CD or DVD in the drive of your PC. At the top of the window, click on the Browse link at the top right of the Wikipedia Source label and designate the drive that contains the damaged media. 

Then choose the other Browse button located just below the first, to indicate the folder in which the recovered information will be saved. If you want to view a specific file type, check the corresponding boxes at the bottom of the window.