Data Recovery Services And Damaged Disks

Our technicians specialized in Data Recovery Services from damaged hard drives (damaged motor, loose needle, etc.) will repair the client’s damaged hard drive and extract critical and personal data at the minimum speed to prevent the temporarily repaired drive from being totally destroyed. In this way we can recover information safely.

If your hard drive is not damaged at the hardware level but the partitions are damaged or lost, we will recover your partitions and all your files, we will make a backup and once we check if your hard drive is in perfect condition, we will copy all your Data Recovery Services and files personal data extracted back to disk.

Repair with special tools the needles and motor of the hard disk temporarily and limit it to 500kb-1500kb of transfer to extract all the data in hours or days.

  • Files encrypted by Ransom Ware virus: We will decrypt your data in hours or days, if you have 1 or more copies of the encrypted photos, videos or documents, but not encrypted, it will speed up this process and reduce the costs for decryption.
  • Files deleted by mistake or Windows formatting: In a few hours or days we will be able to recover 95 to 100% of your deleted files, as long as not too much time has passed or you have not downloaded a lot of data since the hard drive was formatted. The less that has been written to the hard drive since formatting, the greater the chance of recovering the files.

Inaccessible disk and partitions : If when you connect your flash drive, external hard drive or hard drive to your computer, it enters an infinite loop and cannot Wikipedia access the disk, it is likely that the partition has been damaged, normally these types of interventions are very fast , and can be resolved in a few hours. The data recovery service has a free estimate in all its branches.