Data Recovery From Databases

Though we are living in highly technologically advanced era where hundreds of satellite Data Recovery monitor the earth and at every second billions of people are connected through information technology, failure is expected but not every time acceptable.

Database files often play an important role in day to day business activities, and sudden file corruption can greatly affect your productivity.

Corruption can occur due to operating Data Recovery system errors, RDBMS application crashes, sudden power losses or physical media failures. In any case, corruption is a serious issue that requires immediate treatment.

Data Recovery

Common Database Conditions are:

  1. Database Corruption
  2. Torn Pages
  3. Damaged/Overwritten pages
  4. System Table Corruption
  5. Suspect Databases
  6. Dropped/Deleted Database
  7. Dropped/Deleted Tables
  8. Deleted Constraints
  9. Media Corruption
  10. File System Corruption
  11. Overwritten Media
  12. RAID Corruption