Best Gaming PC for 2019

To enjoy your favorite computer games, you will need the best gaming PC in the market. When purchasing a gaming PC, you should consider the storage, memory, graphics, accessories and the cooling system among others. Here are the best gaming PC for 2019.

1. Corsair One i160

It has a beautiful design, and the size is perfect. It is fitted with Intel Core i9-9900K, the graphics are Nvidia RTX 2080, 480GB SSD and 32GB RAM. The gaming PC is quite expensive compared to others in the market, and it is ideal for people who do not want to compromise quality over price. Additionally, it is portable and you can always enjoy playing your game from anywhere. Moreover, the Nvidia RTX 2080, helps ensure that there is no lag; thus, you can enjoy playing your game without much hassle.

2. Alienware Aurora R7

Alienware Aurora R7 is the second best gaming PC in 2019. One of the advantages of using this PC is that you can upgrade it in the future. It comes with an Intel Core i7-8700K processor, 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, and 2080 Nvidia RTX graphics. With a high processor, you are assured of no lags while playing even the most hardcore games.

3. iBuyPower RDY ELIBG205

The gaming PC has an incredible performance due to its Core i9-9900K processor. It has a large storage of 1TB SATA SSD, 16GB RAM, and RTX2080 Ti graphics. One of the pros of using this gaming PC is that it comes with various USB ports to plug in all your devices.

4. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme

The gaming PC is ideal for people with a low budget. It has a fully functioning LCD and a translucent desktop panel that makes it attractive. It has 3GB GTX 1060 graphics, core i5-8400 CPU AND 8GB RAM. It comes with tow hard drives, tempered glass, and RGB fans.

5. MSI Aegis 3

If you want a portable gaming PC, you should go for the MSI Aegis 3. It is light and small; hence ideal if you have limited space for your games. The CPU is i7-8700, 1070 graphics and 16GB RAM.

Finding the right gaming PC should not be difficult. The above gaming PCs are high-quality PCs that allow gamers to play a wide range of games. Make sure that have a budget and the specs you want for your gaming PC. Nonetheless, if you feel that your budget is low and cannot afford the above gaming PCS, we recommend that you DIY your own. There is no better and sure way to build up a gaming PC that meets your own standards. Try it out and you will never regret.