10 Ways to Insure that Your Data is Unrecoverable

For any business, the protection of data is a must. With hackers and data thefts being constantly on a rise, it is essential that preventive measures are taken rather than regretting later. Well, here are a few simple but valuable tips that will help you to keep your data safe:

1. Save Everything:

From the smallest file to the biggest project you’ve made, keep a habit of saving everything you work on. If it is a crucial file, make copies of the same. This will ensure that even if the file is deleted or that particular computer crashes down, you still have a copy in a different location and your hard work doesn’t go down the drain.

2. Keep a copy offsite:

What if a sudden fire breaks out in your office? What if there is some electrical issue and all your machines crash down? Well, this can happen to anyone! Hence, it is advisable that you maintain a back up of your data offsite. So, even if your office faces the worst of the crisis, you can still make sure that all your required data is safe and sound.

3. Virus Scan Each Email:

Well, most of the times, we simply open the attachments we receive in emails as a regular habit. However, this can be very risky. Spam emails or even regular mails can have viruses which might hamper your systems. Thus, it is prudent that you always scan your email attachments, even if it has come from a reliable source.

4. Keep Updating Software:

Older versions of your software can be useless as the technology moves forward. Thus, it is important that all the software is updated from time to time. This is particularly important for anti-virus software. There are new viruses coming into existence every day. Thus, it becomes vital to update this software. To make software updates simple, you can enable the automatic update feature which most of the applications provide.

5. Maintain Proper Passwords:

This is extremely vital as your passwords and user id keep all your critical information safe. Well, what you need to do is not have a very obvious password and it is also essential that you keep changing your passwords in regular intervals.

6. Regular Maintenance:

Do not just keep feeding information to your computers. Ensure that you are performing timely cleanups, defragmenting your drives and deleting unnecessary items. These things will help in minimizing the problems and turning them into bigger ones.

7. Hire a Data Management Company:

There are many data management companies in Dubai. Hire such companies to handle your information. They are the best people to maintain your data in the best way. Data management companies ensure all your data is well protected and is maintained in a healthy manner.

8. Date encryption can also be a wonderful idea in protecting your data from being recovered. In this case, you will use a special decryption key that only authorized employees can be able to access it. Use a unique key that one cannot guess easily.

9. It is good that invest in high quality data storage equipment- It is not good for you to rush in buying cheap storage items since they offer little protection to your data. It is good that you buy a flash drive or hard drive which has password protection and encryption features.

10. You should not leave your storage devices anywhere where anybody can access them. You should store them in a safe place where one cannot access them easily.

Thus, these are a few ways in which you can ensure that all your data is well protected and you do not face any hassles even in the worst of crisis.